Hotel Facilities

Facilities and Hotel: Your holiday will be unforgettable!
At Hotel Frassetto we offer relax in a pleasant and cosy atmosphere: our friendly staff will support you with everything and our range of spacious and comfortable rooms will provide for all your needs . From our large garden with pool you can enjoy the magnificence of Sardinia.

Private parking: Comfortable and ample private parking

Air conditioning: available in all rooms

Garden: large internal garden

Breakfast Bar and aperitif: at our Sea Ray Cafè

Pool: Available for guests from the 1st  of may to 30th of september

Wifi: Free wifi in tutte le camera (in every room)

Hotel and Facilities | Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia

Private Parking

Confortable and ample private parking

Hotel and Facilities | Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia

Air Conditioning

Available in all the rooms

Hotel and Facilities | Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia


Aperitif and fast lunches at Sea Ray Caffè

Hotel and Facilities | Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia



Our Breackfast

An outdoor breakfast area to start your day in the best possible way!

Breakfast is served in our garden overlooking the swimming pool.
Our outdoor breakfast area is the ideal way to start a new day at your own pace in the tranquil surroundings of our garden.
We offer a selection of sweet and savoury treats, hot drinks freshly made on order and delicious artisanal cakes served at the table as you gently look forward to a new day of relaxation and discovery.

Rooms Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia | Porto Pozzo di Santa Teresa di Gallura

Garden and swimming pool

A quiet haven in which to relax.

Do you need a day off to recharge? At Hotel Frassetto we have the right place for your favourite activities.

An outdoor space dedicated to relaxation, set in the green of the wild Mediterranean scrub away from busy beaches and the August traffic. Sample one of our aperitives as you enjoy a book and leave the madness behind!

Facilities in Porto Pozzo

For your peace of mind.

We have a variety of local facilities in the area that will make your stay at Hotel Frassetto pleasant and more relaxing:

Tourism Office

V.le Aldo Moro, 62- 07028 Porto Pozzo,SS Italia

Pharmacy with local doctor

V.le Aldo Moro, 60 – 07028 Porto Pozzo SS, Italia

Mini market Le Gemelle (opposite the hotel): providing you with essentials and delicious snacks for your time at the beach

V.le A. Moro 48 – 07028 Porto Pozzo SS. Italia

Supermarket, a bigger store located at 700 meters from our hotel
Palau direction  700 mt far fron the Hotel

Filigheddu Ice cream and confectionery

S.S. 133 bis – 07028 Porto Pozzo SS, Italia

How to arrive at Hotel Frassetto? All the information on THIS page

Rooms Hotel Frassetto | Sardinia | Porto Pozzo di Santa Teresa di Gallura

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